Power Lines

"Faith is like WiFi; it's invisible but has the power to connect you to what you need "

 I had a bit of a struggle trying to find a quote with to do with man-made things in nature; particularly anything to do with power lines. I did find one quote:
Link to original website
Thanks Richard Neal for this beauty. You can even have this as your Facebook cover photo (via a link on the original website) if you need a reminder not to bathe with your hair-dryer or stick a fork in your toaster. I sure know my Facebook friends will appreciate this in their feeds...
You may also wonder why my pictures may feature a power line or two (here and here), and the answer is simple; I really like power lines.
Just kidding. There's a bunch on the property where I live and apart from getting in the way of my pictures, there are some benefits like:
Or even creating a slight magnetic field so you never have any mobile reception and slows down the WiFi. Oh the joys.
Happy Monday!

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