I like a lot of things.
Mirror Lakes, New Zealand

There's no doubt that I don't mind taking a good photo. But I am not a one-trick pony; more like a pony who can do a couple of ordinary tricks and has a large variety of interests. I plan to share more of those interests here, to all you lovely internet randoms for your enjoyment.

Speaking of sharing, I plan to share some really good things I find on the internet. The internet is a pretty big place. Navigating it can be hard. I am no expert, but consider me a internet explorer (punny, eh?) and will try provide you with a great mix of internet finds; pics, links, videos, whatever.

Of course I will still be posting my own pics; I love to get feedback on them. Life is jut a bit busy to rely solely on my own pictures to carry my blog across the line. And hey, I like variety, hopefully you like it too. Besides, the brilliance and perhaps even purpose of the internet is to share wonderful things. I think I may try jump in on the brilliance bandwagon and share some good stuff with the good people who actually read my blog!!

What do you think? Do you prefer blogs that are entirely their own content, completely shared items, or a refreshing mix of the two?

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