A Promise for Adventure

I have been hitting up travel blogs like you would not believe.

Crossing from the North Island to the South, New Zealand.
"Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes"
-Marcel Proust

I love going on an adventure. I love to explore and see new things. Okay, so I might not be as adventurous as those "let's go overseas, tomorrow, no plans whatsoever" or "hey, I just discovered a waterfall; let's swim in it without knowing whether it is safe or the current is strong or whether somebody poisoned the water-hole" (yes, that was a Toy Story reference). But despite not being the first one to volunteer to bungy jump, skydive, or do a triple back-flip with half twist off a beach cliff, I do like adventure. I like to explore. I like to travel.

I would like to go and explore all corners of the globe. The things is, trips overseas do not come cheap. I am saving as much moolah as I possibly can (although I have a bad habit of buying shoes and t-shirts; they were on sale, I swear!!). But in the mean time, why not explore my home country?

*Australia. My home country is Australia*

Emu, Melbourne Zoo
Australia is awfully big though. I haven't even been in all 6 states and 2 territories. And just to travel around the land of Oz would put a big enough dent in my savings account that it would take me even longer to be able to safari with the elephants (ultimate dream!).

Heck, Victoria (my home state) is quite large for a single person to conquer.
I feel like I will be stuck adventure-less forever...
 ...Yeah right.

Snow Leopard, Melbourne Zoo
When life gives you lemons, you are supposed to make lemonade. You have been given life (by whoever you believe has the power to do so!) so make some adventures. I have been luckily enough to be born in a country where I can go, travel, explore, and have the freedom to do so. I can do this in my backyard. You could do this in your backyard. So instead of just focussing on the adventures that could happen in a country far away, focus on having some adventures with what you have right now; there is no better time than the present.
The view from my back-doorstep.
I am going to make a promise; a promise for adventure. I will explore what I can. I do not need to travel far but make the most of what is on offer. I am certain there are things that I didn't even know existed right on my very doorstep.

I wish that this post not only inspires you to go and explore your own backyards, but also act as a reminder to myself to go out and enjoy life and its adventures!

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