A Highlight on Instagram // twiceblessed_

Sometimes you're lucky enough to stumble upon a really good thing.

And that really good thing was a heavenly Instagram. I have even decided to blog about it.

*I usually don't go for these kinds of posts, which means only one thing; this Insta account is pretty rad*

The girls behind Twice Blessed Bloggers have a beautiful Instagram; and no, I am not getting paid, promoted, or blackmailed into saying this. If you enjoy your insta feed full of creative pictures containing dogs, flowers, or an insane collection of shoes, you must follow these beauties right away. Even if you don't like these things, you will be converted - they have some serious pretty pictures.

So, what are the best things about @twiceblessed_'s Instagram account? Glad you asked.
  • I've already said it, but these girls have an extraordinary eye for pretty pics. Seriously, so pretty
  • They don't flood your feed with constant uploads so all you see is their photos in your feed (this obviously depends on how many people you follow as well, but with photos only every couple of hours, it's no biggie. Besides, when @twiceblessed_ pictures are so gorgeous, who cares?)
  • They have a faith and aren't afraid to show it 

So next time you're looking for a fresh feed to follow, check out @twiceblessed_ and swoon over some dreamy snaps.

I'm thinking I could potentially turn this into a once a month segment on Timid Lioness; yes, no, maybe?


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