Nunui Leggins

Look, I probably should have been studying when I was out having a bit of a shop. But If I hadn't gone shopping, I wouldn't have discovered these lovely things!

Usually, when I look at other people's fashion blogs and Instagrams, I get a case of outfit jealousy and end up wanting or buying(!) things that aren't really me, or wearable for what I do (which is just go to uni most of the time; no fancying modelling here!). So I decided to stick with what I love to wear: a good pair of skinnies and t-shirt/jumpers. So I decided to buy these leggings...

And I am so glad I did, and spent my money on something I will actually wear. And something that is super cute. BONUS, the coloured floral ones are velvety. Is it okay to walk around in public feeling your own pants? Because that's probably what is going to happen.

What are your favourite items to buy? And do you have a blog? Link me so I can see it please!

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